For many years now I have worked with people with varying types of disabilities, including CP, people who use wheelchairs and mobility aids, have ABIs, are non verbal, have life limiting illnesses, vision and hearing impairments, are at home or in care homes, as well as those who can come to me when I have an accessible venue to work from, and more.

I accept all adults as sexual human beings, and am disability positive.


I am more than happy to communicate via whichever medium is most suitable for each client, but may require occasional extra verification from any support staff, etc for proof of address if you don't have photo ID.  And, welcome enquiries from family, friends and other support staff to set up bookings.  I just need to make sure consent from each client is obtained before the booking proceeds.  I will also ask you if the client consents to this when you enquire with me.

Sadly there are some things I'm unable to do, so please be as open as possible when enquiring, so we have both consented to the booking and what it may entail.

I am on the referral list at touchingbase.org and have completed their People with Disability Awareness Training. (PDAT)

If you or someone you know with a disability would like to explore their sexuality, or even have their first sexual experience, please get in touch, as I'd love to come on this journey with you.

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