Intimacy is as incomparably diverse

and breathtaking as art,

Let's create something together.

 Welcome!  My name is Riley, and I invite you to indulge your most
intimate desires with me.  I'm a vibrant, mature and wonderfully sensual woman who thrives on exploring the outer limits of her sexuality with like-minded people.  Responsive to every touch, we'll be able to share in each other's pleasure.


Lose yourself in my smouldering embrace.

Whatever your desire...  It's my pleasure too...

x Riley 


I'm a 43yo New Zealand born cis woman of mixed heritage whose soft, sexy, curvaceous 5'6" physique accommodates my incredible natural G cup bust-line that definitely draws attention.  From there your gaze can follow the undulating curves of my luscious torso, to my suggestively manicured pubic hair, where you can lose yourself in the sweet warmth of me.  I have a very flirtatious demeanour, seductive big brown eyes, raven coloured hair and deliciously pale skin will keep you endlessly captivated.

What I Find Sexy

Skin ~ Sexy Fragrances ~ Hairy Bodies ~ Laughter


Biggest Turn Ons

Good Company ~ Great Kissing ~ Back Tickles

Turn Offs

Bad Attitudes ~ Bad Smells

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